Wednesday, December 17, 2008

TMS featured in MRR #307

The Mindless Show latest EP "Apakebangang?" was reviewed in the demo section for Maximum Rock & Roll #307 (December 2008). I was too late to pick it up at The Ricecooker Shop, so i asked Pijan to typed it out and e-mailed me the review. Thanks Pijan. Here it is:

THE MINDLESS SHOW – The AT THE DRIVE IN phenomenon runs a lot deeper than I thought. These guys hail from Malaysia and sound a lot like those dudes. THE MINDLESS SHOW plays a certain mature brand of HC that was perfected well during the ‘90s. These guys seem incredibly talented and the songs are most often mid-tempo, but have some slower rockers that remind me of STRAWMAN. The standout happened to be the quickest and also the last track, I keep hitting repeat to hear just that song. Songs are sung in English except for one, which has a long intro and, I’m guessing, sung in Malay. Lyrics employ the “personal is political” format. I’m into this and hope great things for these guys. Really cool packaging and music makes this a great demo" (Vinnie)

thanks Vinnie and Maximum Rock & Roll!


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penyurat said...

perghh...pawer gile TMS!!!
very proud of you guys... but felt little bit jealous of their discography.
man.. these guys are actively releasing new stuffs!dammit!