Friday, July 10, 2009

Recording session 9th July 09

We're now in the process of recording some new songs. The tracks will be use for split 7" project with Gasoline Grenade, as you might read in the older post this project have been planned since september last this is it, a few more session at studio to go and mixing mastering and then prepare your vinyl player buddy!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

More TMS/DC split reviewed!

Reveiwed by
DEAD CHRETIENS is a old school Punk band out of Canada that features members of CUMSOCK. These guys play very raw spastic Punk that reminds me of a lot of the Punk bands from the late 70's & early 80's. THE MINDLESS SHOW also play Punk Rock music, but theirs has touches of new & old school Punk styles. There is even some slight Ska influences that shine through at times. I think these guys are from Malaysia where the labels is from that put this out. They are singing in a different language on some songs too. I dug this a lot, cause I'm a fan of old & new school punk bands. If you like both styles then search this one out through the label or the bands!

other reviews:

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Khabir = Ayah punk haha

Proud to announce that we have a new member in the family, we call her Zahraa'(not her full name) probably going to sing for TMS soon hehehe, welcome to the world my love.
Born in Shah Alam, 7th March 09, 4.24am.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

RFKL #2 the belated Gig Review

I've found the review at radiogaga blogspot, this is the old review of one of gig which TMS has participated,it is called Radio Free KL (RFKL) part deux!, i'll just put it here for documentation purpose.other than that this gig also featured some other local acts namely; Auburn,Fathulistiwa Soundscapes, Komplot, Oddity, This gig is ok lah awesome jugak, the funny part is we're the only raw dirt cheap ass so cal punk rockers on that day. Along our experience in playing shows this is the official first time where we got some shit trouble with other kids,so on that day we're dissipated/chased off from the place where we put our equipments and the place where we hang out while waiting our turn to perform by some err.. shit rockstars jocks, i'm not sure who the heck is he, the guy was carrying his expensive looking guitars with long straight hair tight jeans, tight small tshirt and skinny at 1.3m tall, anyway whoever hell you are I must say shit on you arsehole!, the place were so damn big, and i don't know, while you're coming utterly late and you still want to 'menyentil' as you can at that shittin small space. so take it assholes, we don't give a fuc,so we moved our ass to other area, no big deal.haha anyway it's an old shit story,so the past is past, we don't mind of sharing, we're more than glad to share anything with others, but with that guy silent emo whinning fxxkx and those rockstars snobbish fuck face just make me really really sick.Well just smile and lets share the space lah bro!

Oh ye, thanks a lot to xumb and the gang for inviting us to join this gig. to know more about their current and future activities check it out here

so heres the review:-
RFKL#2 Review
It was a blast! Although it started late than scheduled(the sound guys were stuck in traffic for 2 hours, and had to send another set of equipments to another show at the other side of town!), the crowd and especially the bands stayed, played, and conquered! I would like to express my deepest honest gratitude to each and everyone who came and supported the show.
The Mindless Show kicked things off with their full out punk rock set. I'm quite surprised at how good their song arrangements are, and playing live, considering they're quite a new band and played a handful of shows. Live version of "Nonsense" sounded better and raw than the mp3, along with their other tunes that're infused with socio-political messages. IMHO, they are the remaining few local punk rock/hardcore outfits that matters today! They have some releases out and are coming with new ones, so do check 'em out!
Next up was Fathullistiwa Soundscapes backed up with a full band. Played some new songs(one of them sounded Arabic!) along with the rest from the Romantikarat album. I'd say all the live and rock versions are as good as the electronica-vampirepop album ones! Though tired of sleepless nights prior finishing his paintings, Fathul rocked the stage, even managed to make some funny remarks between songs! Now that's one hardworking and entertaining man! Recently he's even offering some new songs for free download(ask him nicely here). Some of the new acts in town with the same genre and integrity would be Loque of Butterfingers' solo stint, Monoloque(note to self: get him to play RFKL!).
Oddity came in and surprised the crowd(as always) with their melodic screamo set! Don't let Dila's lady-like appearance deceive you, as her growls and stage antics made some guy vocalists I know look like Siti Nurhaliza in pants! Aida shredded her axe merciless and made the whole band sounded tighter than some bands with 2 guitars! Ned filled in ex-bassist, Hana's(who even came and support!) position with pride and Sehar beat the drums, with the second crash cymbal or not, with might. Girl power(with some men backing up!) has never been this metal!
One of the most sought-after band in town, Komplot, made sure that each and every person in the room had a great time, and yes we all did! Zack and band and his army of Komplotan proved the theory of bringing back 70's disco mixed with rock & roll are simply psychedelic and groovy in its own right. Everyone danced and sang, especially to the fan-favorite single, "Konflik". One guy even had his own Komplotan shirt custom made! Now that's one cool fanatic! Complete with colorful light show from their disco ball and their motto "Disko Tanpa Risiko", they hold all the rights as the disco-rock ambassador of the country!
Last band of the night, Auburn fed not only the crowd hunger for more sonic assault, but their creative souls in need, indeed. Progression is their name of the game, and they played it with passion. Watching this band play and listening to their music, live or on CD, enlightens you to their world of interstellar-psyche-rock. They didn't ask for a mosh pit or sing-alongs, but for us to merely listen, and indulge the details that they've put in the rich and unique layers of drums, guitars, bass, and samples. And Izuan's soft singing vocals proves that you don't have to scream like Max Cavalera to get the crowd moving and have a hard-rocking night! In the midst of production of their new release, they are more ready than ever to take over the scene, and if your are still sleeping with your trend-following-sounding band, wake up and smell the sonic revolution the true and ground-breaking artist that is Auburn will be bringing to you!Thanks a million to Joe of Ricecooker, Tom of Bollocks, my lovely Nadia, Man of Annexe, As and the EQ guys, and Izuan, Zack, Fathul, Kabir, Dila and their respective bands and fans, Auburn Angels, Komplotan, everyone involved, from start till end, for making the impossible show, possible! Again, a thousand apologies and regrets for the show delay and any inconveniences and technical difficulties caused. Postmortem are being carried out for the next bigger, better and more harder-rocking installment of Radio Free KL! Cheers!

Thursday, January 15, 2009