Friday, December 19, 2008

My IC is like my ___________ << Fill in the blanks with any parts of your body.

Yeah, shitty isn't it when you have to really rely on your bloody personal document named as identity card/visas just to stay healthy mentally and spiritually. Have you ever been in this situation; rush by police in a gig, they demand your filthy IC and thats it, you feel like some part of your body were taken away and you really think that you need it back. Well that's the system in Malaysia.
I don't know bout other countries what does the cop do or what type of document do you bring with you, it might be different, ok here my point. If my IC is not there with the cops; I will, without hesitation run away as hell, as fast as I can when i got the chance.But if my IC was there with the cop I feel like theres no point running away.
I don't know much about what happen if you're caught in a demonstration/protest, as I've never been in such situation. But here are my small (probably cliche, old, vintage ,crap) idea; bring a photocopied fake IC!! well you figure out yourself how, as far as I know police won't mind if you bring a photocopied IC, so fake it out, give to them and run when you get a chance,I believe there are usually plenty of chances to run on the way they taking you to the black maria. So try it at your own risk.especially those under 18, cops really dig you guys hahah but if too many do it the trick won't work anymore lah, so avoid getting caught/fight as hell/surrender. choose your destiny.cheers!good luck in the battle.

(Picture originally by Strike vs Freedom taken from Flickr)


Wednesday, December 17, 2008

TMS featured in MRR #307

The Mindless Show latest EP "Apakebangang?" was reviewed in the demo section for Maximum Rock & Roll #307 (December 2008). I was too late to pick it up at The Ricecooker Shop, so i asked Pijan to typed it out and e-mailed me the review. Thanks Pijan. Here it is:

THE MINDLESS SHOW – The AT THE DRIVE IN phenomenon runs a lot deeper than I thought. These guys hail from Malaysia and sound a lot like those dudes. THE MINDLESS SHOW plays a certain mature brand of HC that was perfected well during the ‘90s. These guys seem incredibly talented and the songs are most often mid-tempo, but have some slower rockers that remind me of STRAWMAN. The standout happened to be the quickest and also the last track, I keep hitting repeat to hear just that song. Songs are sung in English except for one, which has a long intro and, I’m guessing, sung in Malay. Lyrics employ the “personal is political” format. I’m into this and hope great things for these guys. Really cool packaging and music makes this a great demo" (Vinnie)

thanks Vinnie and Maximum Rock & Roll!


Saturday, December 13, 2008

Finalized Themindlessshow/SMG split cover artwork

Yeah I got this sneak peak picture from SMG's myspace ( final edit by Husni! yeah!!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Themindlessshow/SMG split cover artwork

Just in case if you're thinking that we're not doing anything so this is it, an artwork for one of our upcoming release, do leave your comment on this piece ok? I rarely draw and i know my drawing sucks big time, but again who cares hahah! Oh yeah. I heard that there's a review on TMS releases published in MAXIMUM ROCK & ROLL December 2008. I did submit all two releases to MRR in September 08. Prior to reading it I heard the comment do refer us with the sound of At the Drive In, which completely sounds ridiculous, i don't know i should read it first and post it here soon haha.


Monday, December 1, 2008

2009 is around the corner

oh damn! it's almost 2009, and we haven't finished nor released any of material for two damn consequent years, we're back into pool of inconsistencies. Luckily we have finished some portion of projects, including doing the t-shirt design (above pic) and covers which were drawn by M.Husni, he got lotsa awesome artwork done and we are grateful that he's willing to help us in drawing the stuff, thanks bro! others will be setting up this blog and off course composing some tunes with the lyrics, if you would like to contribute your idea (be it the music, lyrics, covers whatever, feel free to contact us ok!). We do have uploaded some new tunes for you to check it out all in our myspace page. Owh the t-shirt will be as benefit for The Ricecooker shop, and will only available at The Ricecooker Shop lah. For further information on the t-shirt, you can check with Shammir of Basement Records he is one of the person in charge with the t-shirt project, thanks Shammir! There are actually lotsa band contributed their design for The Ricecooker Shop benefit, and we're happy that we can help a bit too. Do check them all there ok! Till then, Happy shittin' in 2009. Peace!