Monday, December 1, 2008

2009 is around the corner

oh damn! it's almost 2009, and we haven't finished nor released any of material for two damn consequent years, we're back into pool of inconsistencies. Luckily we have finished some portion of projects, including doing the t-shirt design (above pic) and covers which were drawn by M.Husni, he got lotsa awesome artwork done and we are grateful that he's willing to help us in drawing the stuff, thanks bro! others will be setting up this blog and off course composing some tunes with the lyrics, if you would like to contribute your idea (be it the music, lyrics, covers whatever, feel free to contact us ok!). We do have uploaded some new tunes for you to check it out all in our myspace page. Owh the t-shirt will be as benefit for The Ricecooker shop, and will only available at The Ricecooker Shop lah. For further information on the t-shirt, you can check with Shammir of Basement Records he is one of the person in charge with the t-shirt project, thanks Shammir! There are actually lotsa band contributed their design for The Ricecooker Shop benefit, and we're happy that we can help a bit too. Do check them all there ok! Till then, Happy shittin' in 2009. Peace!


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