Thursday, November 27, 2008

Connection as heck

To add up more access to TMS we've put up this blog, so currently we do have our classic geocities account ,myspace account and yeah our shittin blog which you're reading right now. Here there will be lots more sudden arbitrary tought being shot, no music here as theres no player lah like that myspace one.anyway again it's just as supporting communication means.
Oh yah we don't really played much gigs after march 08, rest for a while + not much offer, we concentrate more on composing new tunes, jams, cover design, trading etc. I have married in June 08, Shah is now also playing with Always Last they've released their debut CD-r demo. Here some personal review on it; AL is damn awesome, they play fast,spine twisting, pitch shifting,summersault shushi style punk rockin with brilliant political and personal thought being thrown here and there,Shah has done a really good snotty vocals technics seriously, no blowjobing but this is for shittin real, check out their anti Pak lah songs,it's easily hicked and slap your crazy fucked up brain, oh yah they performed a lot these days, so don't miss em do check it out, worth checking out dudes.
While larn also drummin in a new another project called Picollo Case (PC),they've also released a two (long) songs demo, featuring the former (kicked) members of the Otherside Ochestra (wtf?!), guitarist of disgruntled (Qusy u're firedd!!hahaha!) and here my personal review: they're more to jazzy jazzy experimento coldplaydo thricito aktato weirdo stuff, I kinda like it, and guess what, larn drummings is way way wayyyy better in this cd than any of his project with TMS or Disgruntled, check out the break disco part with low hits hats being juggled fast as heck (probably 30km/hr) and constant (chikishapchikishapchikishapchikishap X 4 )siyot punye larn, ko main tipu ke??. No vocals in this cd demo but you can check it out in their myspace, potentially going to be ripped by those greedy fat labels, and I hope they don't really go for the popularity and fame, well lotsa Malaysian indie bands go for that way nowadays,no comment on that for indie band, it's really up to them, some so cal punk rockers musician do that too, buto lah, confusing the young poseurs hahahah, it's DIY or die lah.
Well good luck to shah and larn with their awesome activities.
If you're wondering about Disgruntled here's some updates; the band is 95% inactives, in other words dead lah. reason behind it is due to lack of interest and spirit in each member, including me, I don't know why is that, we do have recorded some tunes, and I guess we'll release the crap and wrap up the whole shit.Hopefully TMS won't face the same fate, Disgruntled is our super sweet memory.
About me, I still run Pissart rekot (check out some awesome updates in the myspace), I do help SMG on chainsawing and recording,it's damn check out SMG's myspace for updates and stuff, oh one of our upcoming project will include a split with SMG, that's gonna be really really awesome, watch out your mortal ears, prepare for the slaughter, We might feature our very own brutal grinding tunes hah hah hah, I'm expecting my first baby in March 09, so it's gonna be exciting baby!yeah everybody start to have children now, i wonder how it's gonna be soon.hik hik hik
ok till later peace.

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